Soak Your Feet in This Powerful Baking Soda Mixture 2x Each Week To Heal Dry And Cracked Feet

Dry and cracked feet as well as calloused toes and heels look really ugly and unattractive. There are many reasons that lead to cracking of the skin on the feet, and most commonly it is caused by lifestyle habits, uncomfortable shoes, climate, workout routines and even aging.

One of the options to get perfectly smooth feet is to visit nail salon and spa. However, these treatments are expensive and you also should make an appointment. In addition to that, the products used in beauty salons are loaded with dangerous chemicals that may cause a damage of your skin.

But, there is always an alternative: instead using products that contain chemicals, you can use natural ingredients that can provide you the same effects.

In order to soften the skin of your feet our advice is to try an essential oil foot balm. This foot balm is a combination of two incredibly beneficial ingredients: peppermint and tea tree oil. This mixture will moisturize the skin of your feet, but also will revive the feet and prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

In addition to that, we will present you a mixture that is cheap, simple for preparation and completely natural. This baking soda mixture is one of the best foot soak mixtures that will heal the cracked feet and in same time will help you to get rid of the calluses.

DIY Baking Soda Foot Soak


  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 4-5 liters of warm water in a bucket
  • Soft scrub sponge/ brush / pumice stone
  • Lavender oil (optional)
  • Moisturizer


In a suitable container pour the water and add the baking soda. Stir until it is dissolved and add a few drops of lavender oil, by your choice. Soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Next step is to take the sponge, scrub brush or a pumice stone and carefully rub the underside of your feet. Rinse off your feet and finally apply some moisturizer. It is advisable to use a product with high glycerin content or coconut oil and then put on socks. Repeat this procedure 1-2 times a week.

If you need an intense at-home pedicure, simply prepare a paste of baking soda and a bit water. Scrub your feet with this peeling by using a sponge or brush.