Neuroscientists Claim This Song Reduces Anxiety By 65% [Listen]


According to a recent study, the song “Weightless” has a calming effect on the mind and as the scientists explain, this song has the ability to reduce the physiological resting rates by up to 35 %.

The statistical data shows that the prevalence of anxiety is constantly on the rise and it is worrying that this condition affects a significant percentage of the world population. A study conducted a several years ago showed that staggering 41.6 % of college students suffer from some form of anxiety. Experts estimated that in the UK, nearly one-third of women and 1 in 10 men suffer from panic attacks. Medical experts explain that today people are facing with too many concerns such as war and poverty, so this is not surprising – at all.

A team of researchers at Mindlab International, which is based in the U.K succeeded to create a song that reduces the anxiety by up to 65 %. Namely, participants in this scientific study were encouraged to solve complex puzzles at their rate of breathing. While the participants were solving puzzles, the scientists measured their brain activity, heart rate and blood pressure. According to the report by Inc, the song “Weightless” drastically reduced anxiety in the participants.

The “Weightless” song was composed by Marconi Union with a purpose to induce a highly relaxed state. The musicians and a team of sound therapists worked together in order to create the perfect blend of bass lines, rhythms and harmonies.

At this point it is important to highlight that you should not listen this song while you are driving. Namely, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson stated: “ ‘Weightless’ was so effective, many women became drowsy and I would advise against driving while listening to the song because it could be dangerous”.

It is well-known fact that chronic stress is the root cause of all modern illnesses, so it is of utmost importance to adopt a certain practice to reduce the stress.

The best activities for lowering the anxiety and lowering cortisol levels in the organism are practicing yoga, meditation and creative endeavors. Cortisol is a hormone that contributes to many inflammatory-related conditions including weight gain and other health issues.