THIS Type of HONEY is Killing Every Kind of Bacteria Scientists Throw At It (Even the Super-Bugs!)

It is well known fact that raw, unprocessed honey is incredibly beneficial, but recent scientific studies showed that there is type of honey that has the ability to kill every kind of bacteria that scientists could throw at it. The best part is that this type of honey is so powerful and can kill even the worst bacteria known so far.

The European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases published the results of this study. According to many experts, this study could be of utmost importance as many of the antibiotics used today actually are resistant against bacteria, particularly against “superbugs”.

The powerful honey is the manuka honey also known as jelly bush honey. This type of honey is produced in New Zealand. Over the last few years the manuka honey become very popular and that led to shortages and selling of fake products. That is the reason why New Zealand manuka producers demanded trademark protection, similar to French champagne and Scottish whiskey. That was expected and it is completely understandable why manufacturers kept the health benefits of this honey as a secret.

Manuka Honey Kills MRSA, Other Superbugs 

The Manuka honey is produced by bees foraging on the nectar of the New Zealand manuka bush or more precisely – Leptospermum Scoparium, as well as tea trees that are native only to Australia and New Zealand.

The scientific studies have proved that manuka honey killed every bacteria or pathogen it was tested. This type of honey is so powerful and it can be either taken internally or applied topically. It efficiently fights against skin infections, insect bites and cuts.

Scientist explain that when it comes to the benefits of manuka honey, none of the superbugs this honey killed was not able to build up immunity, and that actually is one of the main problems with the today`s antibiotics.

Dr. Dee Carter of the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences said: “New antibiotics tend to have short shelf lives, as the bacteria they attack quickly become resistant. Many large pharmaceutical companies have abandoned antibiotic production because of the difficulty of recovering costs. Developing effective alternatives could, therefore, save many lives”.

Manuka honey contains compound called methylglyoxal and according to Dr. Certer, this compound makes the honey so efficient at destroying the bacteria. In addition to that, this type of honey contains other unknown compounds that cause “multi-system failure”.

Where to Find Manuka Honey

You can buy Manuka honey in health stores and online, but you should be very careful as the supply levels have decreased and on the market there are many fake honey products.

So, when buying manuka honey, make sure you get products that is UMF certified.

  • UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor and it is a phytochemical property obtained from the manuka bushes.

Despite the fact that further researches and studies are needed, it is obvious that manuka honey promises a lot. It seems that this type of honey is powerful enough and has the ability to defeat one of the biggest health issues faced by humanity.