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Hair loss affects both, men and women and it negatively affects the self-esteem. Hair loss occurs as a result of stress or physical trauma, but sometimes the cause is certain hormonal imbalance.

In today’s article we are going to present you completely natural remedy that will prevent the hair loss and in same time will help the growth of new hair.

The Ginger Hair Recipe


1 ginger root

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 spoonful honey

5–7 vitamin E capsules  (Optional)


In a plastic bowl grate the ginger and put the bowl aside. In a blender add the grated ginger, honey and olive oil. By your choice, you can add vitamin E capsules. Blend the ingredients until you get homogenous mixture.


Apply the resulted mask on your scalp and cover it with a bathing cap. Let it act for 40 minutes and rinse off. Wash your hair using a shampoo.

In order to achieve best results you should use this mask often.