The Truth How the Expensive Food Caviar is Made


Do you know how caviar is made? Well, if you are curious to find out the truth about how the expensive food is made, you definitely should read on.

To be more precise, caviar is harvested, not made.

Recently one interesting video was uploaded on the internet in which is revealed the secret about how caviar is made.

Caviar is the pickled roe of large fish and it is eaten as a delicacy. According to many experts, the best caviar is sturgeon eggs. Namely, wild sturgeon is caught and cut open to remove these eggs.

According to the latest reports, the sturgeon is near to extinction and we should raise the awareness and protect this fish.

The entire process is really staggering. The surgeon is grown for a year and after that the fish is killed and cut open. Then, the employees harvest the “delicious” eggs and sort them by quality.

For comparison it is important to mention that female sturgeon lives over 150 years. Well, can you imagine how short period is 1 year?

Below you can watch the video and see how caviar is made:

Instead of killing the sturgeon, the employees are supposed to massage the eggs out and let the sturgeon live. Experts explain that this actually makes an opportunity to re-catch the sturgeon again and harvest the eggs several times.

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