Put A Slice Of Black Onion On Your Tooth And Let It For 15 Minutes, Here’s What Happens!

It is well known fact that onions are incredibly beneficial for the overall health, but according to recent scientific researches, onions in same time have beneficial effect on the teeth. Read on and find out how to use onions for your oral health.

Onions contain healthy nutrients which can be used for many purposes. Namely, there are numerous recipes for natural medicines that are more efficient and definitely healthier option than over-the-counter products.

Scientists explain that onions have the ability to soothe tooth pain and many other health issues. If you experience tooth pain, all you should do is to put a slice of onion on your teeth and in only few minutes the pain will disappear.

Namely, onions contain incredibly powerful anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, once you bite an onion, it starts reasling its juice in your mouth and efficiently will fight against any inflammations and bacteria. In the same time, onion juice will reduce the pain.

Slice of onion is one of the most efficient natural remedies that successfully will eliminate the tooth pain. Below we are going to present you few similar methods that are completely natural:

Clove oil

The oil extracted from the clove plat is traditional medicine and it is proved that efficiently soothes tooth pain and mouth issues. All you should do is to take a cotton ball and dip it into a mixture of clove oil and olive oil or almond oil. After that, apply it on the painful area and in only few minutes the pain will disappear. The clove is powerful natural analgesic that relives the pain.

Another option is to use drops against coughing, which due to the analgesic properties will release the pain. Apply several  drops on the painful area and the tooth pain will dissapear.

Another efficient method for relieving tooth pain is rinsing you mouth. Use a toothbrush and thoroughly clean the leftovers of food and bacteria in your mouth as often that is the cause of pain.

Put a slice of cucumber on the painful area and very soon the pain will be soothed.

Postal acid contained in the tea efficiently reduces swelling and pain, so all you should do is to apply a warm tea bag on the painful area.

Cut a ginger into small pieces and chew them well. After that, keep it on the painful area for some time and reduce the pain. Except ginger, you can chew garlic clove.

Source: www.healthyandnaturalhouse.org