I Had my Legs Full of Varicose veins and a Doctor told me That he Would Use the Tomato in This way to Make that go Away

Varicose veins is term that is used for medical condition in which the veins that have become enlarged and twisted. This term usually refers to veins on the legs, but varicose veins may occur elsewhere. Early treatment of varicose veins prevents development of phlebitis.

Phlebitis is inflammation of the walls of a vein or in other words total obstruction of a vein and occurs as a consequence of existence of a blood clot lodged in the vein. Pulmonary embolism is caused when the clot is directed into the pulmonary circulation. That is the reason why it is of extreme importance to treat the varicose veins before more severe health issues occur.

In today’s article we are going to present you treatment for varicose veins that is completely natural and cheap. You will need green or red tomatoes.

Tomatoes to cure varicose veins

Tomatoes are pulpy edible fruit that are eaten as food, but also are used for preparation of various traditional remedies due to their remarkable health benefits.

Below we are going to explain you how to use tomatoes to treat varicose veins. When it comes to treatment of this medical issue, you will use the healing properties of tomato seeds. The seeds of tomato contain an acidic substance that acts similarly to aspirins. Tomato seeds are anticoagulants and liquefy the blood. Additionally, the flavonoids contained in tomatoes will strengthen your blood vessels.

Green Tomatoes

Take several green tomatoes are wash them well. Even though their color is green, these tomatoes are ripe.
Cut the tomatoes into slices of about 0.5 cm and then apply the slices on the areas of your body where you have varicose veins. In order to keep the slices in position you can use bandage the area. After certain period of time you will start experiencing tingling and your veins will begin to burn slightly. This is sign that you should remove the bandages. Then, rinse off the area with cold water.

In order to achieve best results you should repeat this treatment 5 times every day. After two weeks of regular use you will notice improvements. Green tomatoes efficiently will relieve the burning sensation, but also will reduce the swelling and over time the varicose veins will disappear.

Red Tomatoes

Unlike the previous treatment, you should apply red tomatoes throughout the night.

And here is the procedure:

Before going to sleep, take several red tomatoes and wash them well. Then, cut them into slices, as it is explained in the previous treatment. Apply them on areas in which you have varicose veins and bandage the area. Leave the tomatoes to act for 4 hours. After that, remove the slices and apply new ones and once again, bandage the area and leave it to act until the next morning. Remove the tomato slices after you wake up and rinse off the area with cold water. Repeat this treatment regularly – every night.

Useful tips:

In order to solve the issue with varicose veins you should try some of the above-mentioned treatments, but also it is important to have healthy and well-balanced diet.

Eat foods high in Omega3 and Omega6: these essential oils are not produced by human body and you need to include them into your diet. Omega3 helps the flexibility of the veins and it is anti-inflammatory while Omega6 was proved to prevent heart disease and in same time lowers blood pressure and prevents blood clots. Foods high in Omega3 and Omega6 are: sardines, anchovies, cod, seafood, nuts, sunflower oil and sesame seeds.

Consume selenium as it is antioxidant and will prevent hardening of body tissues and will keep the vascular walls elastic. It is contained in nuts, cucumbers, mushrooms, eggs and brewer’s yeast.

Foods with vitamin E: this vitamin will improve the circulation and oxygenation of your blood and in same time will prevent and dilute blood clots. Vitamin E is contained in: dairy products, white meats, nuts, pumpkins, tomatoes, asparagus, parsley, whole grain olives and kiwis.

Source: healthylifegreen.com