Tuna is type of fish that can be prepared on numerous ways in combination with various veggies. Many people from all around the world consume tuna regularly, but scientists explain that this type of fish may be detrimental for your health.

Despite the fact that tune is great source of omega – 3 fatty acids and proteins, this type of fish is exposed to mercury and that may is harmful for your overall health.

Mercury is extremely poisonous chemical element that disturbs the normal function of the entire organism. Tuna as well as many seafood types and fish, contain huge amounts of methyl and mercury and these substances cause damage to the central nervous system, especially at children.

There are many separate studies which have proved that tuna that you can purchase on the market actually contains low levels of tuna, and that is reason good enough why you should avoid this type of fish. Moreover, you will avoid damages of nervous system, also caused by consummation of tuna.

The toxic material accumulated in the tuna meat of any other type fish while the fishes are still in the water, which means the water is contaminated industrially. This toxic material generates a progressive deterioration in the cognitive system at humans.

At this point it is important to mention that tuna that was tested is gathered from different oceans. Unfortunately, most of oceans are already contaminated with radiation similar to Fukushima.

There are studies which have proved that frequent consumption of tuna may cause cancer.

Note: it is important to highlight that we are suggesting that you stop consuming tuna. Our advice is to limit the intake of tuna and on that way to reduce the risks of possible issues with your health.