3 Items Elixir For Clearing Mucus Of The Lungs And Boosting Immunity

Along with the cold months, the flu season arrived as well and many people are suffering from runny nose and phlegmy throat. When we have cold or flu, regardless if we are sitting at the desk or lying at home, cough and sneeze will ruin our day. But there is completely natural mixture consisted of lemon water, honey and ginger that will help you to alleviate these symptoms and remove mucus.

Although excess mucus is common for viruses and allergies, most smokers have mucus, too. The combination of these 4 items has the ability to reduce the phlegm and mucus in the throat, lungs and nose.


First advice that every expert gives is to increase the water intake. Water will loosen the mucus and will remove it from the throat and mouth. Moreover, it will remove toxins of the illness.

It is important to mention that cold water boosts metabolism and immunity, while the warm water regulates body temperature.


Even healthy individuals can have mucus. Ginger is one of the most efficient natural ingredients that has the ability to reduce it and the sinus headache, as well. Moreover, it will remove the phlegm after an infection.

Ginger will boosts your overall health and the ingredients oleoresins contained in it are found in many cures for flu and cold. Ginger actually improves blood flow thus lungs get cleared much easier.

Along with the abovementioned benefits, ginger will reduce fever and chills are, as well as morning sickness and inflammation. Experts explain that ginger provides relief to patients who are suffering from asthma.


Honey also is called superfood due to its amazing benefits: it kills fungi, viruses and bacteria, but inflammatio, as well. Honey contains antioxidants and flavonoids for allergies but it also was proved to be efficient in curing ulcers and wounds.

Lactobacillus kunkeei is probiotic bacteria contained in this food which will boost your immunity. You should always buy raw honey and avoid refined, as there is huge difference is in the amount of nutrients. The good bacteria also will provide you many good items for killing bad bacteria.

Honey will remove the mucus and phlegm from sore throat. In same time honey will soothe irritated throat and it is the best natural sweetener.


Lemon is fruits that offers amazing benefits for your immunity due to the potassium and vitamin C contained in it. It efficiently will remove inflammation and microbes, will remove mucus and boost your immunity.

Doctors explain that lemon has the ability to control pressure, nerve work and can balance the pH. It will prevent dehydration and fatigue when the lymph needs help, but will provide harmony in the work of your hormones.


  • This amount is for 3 servings

For preparation you will need only 15 minutes


100 ml water

1 inch ginger

100 g honey

4 tbsp lemon juice

Method of preparation:

Mix the ginger and water and boil the resulted mixture for 10 min. Once it gets cooled, add the lemon and honey and leave it stay overnight. Store in refrigerator and use it in period of one week.

Consume 40 ml every morning after you wake up in the morning, before breakfast. After 40 days consuming your immunity will be significantly stronger. Make 2-week pause and take this remedy another 40 days.

If you have issues with excess mucus and phlegm, our advice is to try steaming. For this purpose you should boil the mix, bend over the pot for the steam for 5 min. This is incredibly beneficial for your lungs.


The combination of lemon, honey, ginger and water is remarkable health bomb that was proved to be efficient in removing the mucus, but also in boosting immunity. You should always choose natural remedies, instead of various drugs and medicines.

Source: www.organichealthuniverse.com