It’s Not Salt or Sugar-This Is the most Harmful White Poison You Eat Daily

Sodium glutamate E621 is chemical compound that is utilized as flavor enhancing agent. This is one of the most detrimental ingredients that people consume on daily basis and are not even aware of that.

This additive is used in the food industry to enhance the original flavor of the food and most commonly is added to processed foods. In fact, almost all restaurants in the food factory add it to their dishes.

The E621 is white crystalline powder that looks as sugar and salt. It’s also can be found in liquid form. This agent has taste like a meat soup and is added to various foods to improve their flavor. At this point it is important to mention that sodium glutamate was proved to cause cravings, overeating and obesity. In addition to this, it has the same effect on human brain as drugs and creates a feeling of addiction.

The blood absorbs the MSG very easy and it has a negative impact on the taste receptor genes. Foods that contain this agent are: sausages, chips, instant soups, canned foods, beer, etc. According to experts, the allowed daily dosage for adults is 1.5 grams, while the amount for children is less than half a gram.

Annually, over 200 000 tons of this additive are used throughout the world.

Some of the most common symptoms of sodium glutamate overdose include dizziness, migraine, hormonal imbalance, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, etc. This overdose also is called Chinese restaurant syndrome. Ikeda Kikunae is scientist who have discovered it back in 1907 after he found that there is substance that has better taste than the taste of food, particularly canned, fast and frozen food. Moreover, it contributes to the addictiveness to processed foods like chips, sweets, instant meals, etc.

There is study conducted on mice in which the final results showed that the mice lost their vision after being given sodium glutamate. Unfortunately, for profit, the manufacturers still add it to foods as it greatly lowers their costs and increases their sales.

Keep in mind that natural spices are much healthier and smarter option than this additive. Our advice is to choose wisely!