Omeprazole is medication that is used for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease, and Zollinger–Ellison syndrome. This drug is a proton pump inhibitor that blocks the release of stomach acid.

Despite the fact that Omeprazole is a type of gastric protector it only destroys your health!

Most people consider that OMEPRAZOL is extremely powerful inhibitor of gastric acid that is necessary when the body regulates digestion and eliminates microbes.

Doctors prescribe it for treatment of certain ailments or gastric discomfort, but the ugly truth is that this gastric protector in fact makes more harm than good.

OMEPRAZOL was proved to create addiction, particularly when it comes to treatment gastritis.

With regular consummation longer than one year, this drug considerably affects the absorption of vitamin B12, which furthermore may cause serious health disorders, like anemia, depression, dementia and a large number of neurological damages.


Vitamin B12 is directly related with the production of red blood cells from human body. If the organism starts having issues with the absorption of this vitamin, the patient start suffering from symptoms related to fatigue and frequent fatigue.

Omeprazole that many people utilize as a gastric protector can cause severe harm to the central nervous system, thus affecting the overall health.

Another of the most commonly recognized dangers of omeprazole is that it can also decrease calcium absorption by the organism, which may lead to fractures and normal bone and muscle problems.

There are studies which have proved that this gastric protector is the main cause for several respiratory problems, particularly at elderly people.

Monica Hidalgo, a Ph.D. in pharmacy at the National Center for Drug Information (Cimed) at the University of Costa Rica explains that human body needs gastric acid in order to protect the organism from an immense variety of viruses and bacteria, many of which are related to certain respiratory conditions. When the patient consumes omeprazole, the gastric acid diminishes which actually gives free passage of all type of agents toxic and harmful for the organism.

Recent research conducted on the Kaiser Permanente Institute in the US investigated that true dangers of omeprazole health and was evaluated in 26 thousand patients. These patients were taking certain amount omeprazole daily in period of 2 years. The results of this study were shocking: the number of patients who were consuming this gastric protector had up to 65% risk of vitamin B12 deficiency compared to those patientss who had never used this drug.