Eating Pinch Of Turmeric Is Like Workout For A Whole Hour

Turmeric is bright yellow aromatic powder that is obtained from rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant from the ginger family. Mostly is used as a spice for flavoring and coloring in cooking, but it was used as a fabric dye and medicine, as well. Turmeric originates from southern Asia, but today is cultivated in many countries, worldwide.

Except in cooking, turmeric is particularly beneficial for working out as it keeps the cardio system healthy. Additionally, turmeric is great for your overall health.

According to recent study, turmeric lessens the risk for heart attack after bypass surgeries by 50%. This powder contains polyphenol called curcuma which actually improves the heart work.

A study in which were included 32 women in menopause and post menopause periods. They were divided in 3 groups: women who ate curcuma, women who worked out and women who did nothing of above. Scientists focused on the elasticity, health and function of the vessels. They also monitored the lining of the endothelium of the vessels and the link to atherosclerosis.

Those women who were supposed to consume curcuma were taking 150 mg turmeric daily and had the same diet as previously. The group of women who were supposed to do workouts performed aerobic exercises 3 times a week, but they also went to walk and cycling.

This study lasted 8 weeks and the results showed that the first two groups of women had improvements in their health and the blood vessels.


Many experts recommend people start exercising and start taking turmeric in order to achieve best results. However they highlight that curcuma cannot replace regular exercising.

Another study was focused on the turmeric effect on the workouts and stress tolerance. In this study were included post menopause women with heart issues.  Namely, the results showed that workout combined with curcuma significantly reduced the ventricular issues. Experts explain that afterload in left ventricular makes a heart hypertrophy where there is aortic valve and hypertension.

In addition to that, by taking turmeric you can reduce the inflammation and pain after workouts.