How to Reverse Cavities Naturally

In today’s article you can read how to reverse cavities and how to heal tooth decay following 5 easy steps!

According to most dentists, once a person attains a cavity, the only way to fix the issue and reduce the damage is to fix it or reduce the damage is by filling it with a synthetic material. But, the latest studies indicate that cavities may be prevented and even healed with proper nutrition. For instance, a study published in the British Medical Journal, almost all cavities at the children who had a grain-free diet and consumed vitamin D healed within few weeks.

The American Association explains that tooth decay occurs once foods which are containing carbohydrates are constantly left on the teeth. Bacteria that lives in the mouth use those carbohydrates and produces an acid that over time destroys tooth enamel. Although the American Association is right, they still are informing people about one out of four things that may contribute to cavities. The other three factors also are contributing to tooth decay and they are: lack of fat soluble, high consumption of phytic acid foods and lack of mineral intake.

Besides daily oral hygiene, there are some completely natural ways that will help you to reduce and heal cavities without the need to get them filled. Still, if you continue having troubles with your tooth, you really should see a dentist. It is important to highlight that natural remedies are efficient, but if the problem is too far gone you should visit professional. Some of the best methods are:

  1. Oil Pulling
    Probably many of you are familiar with the fact that teeth are known to be porous and are like a sponge, and contain passages that pushes nutrients to the surface of the enamel. Still, that occurs only if the good nutrition is present in the body. Otherwise it may have the opposite affect and pull in toxins into the teeth. Coconut oil is remarkable natural oil that has the ability to cut right through the plaque and also will provide your teeth anti-bacterial properties. The “oil pulling” method means swishing the coconut oil in the mouth and this technique may help you to reverse the flow of toxins and pull bacteria out of the teeth. Furthermore, this will lead to strengthening of your teeth and healing cavities overtime.
  1. Eat Nutrient Rich Foods and Drink Raw Dairy
    Healthy nutrition contributes to reducing cavities and also aid in healing them. It is advisable to consume food that is high in vitamin K2, vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and fat-soluble vitamins as great natural way to keep teeth strength and healthy.

Moreover, it is highly recommended o consume raw dairy products which are very beneficial and can aid in healing cavities overtime. There are many separate studies which have shown that processed dairy has NO or very little benefits.

  1. Avoid Food with Phytic Acid
    Phytic acid is contained in grains, seeds, bean and nuts and when is consumed may cause damage to your oral health. Namely, this acid blocks minerals necessary to maintain healthy teeth. In fact, the acid itself creates an opposite affect by leaching minerals out of your bones and teeth.
    Note: you should not forget that seeds and nuts are an important part of any healthy diet and the phytic acid content varies greatly among plants and that mainly depends on the type of seed, environmental condition, climate and soil quality.
  1. Use Mineralized Toothpaste
    One of the best ways to cure cavities, is to use a mineralized toothpaste. By brushing your teeth with mineralized toothpaste you actually will protect cavities as it will heal itself over time. Cheaper option is to prepare homemade mineralized toothpaste and on the Internet you can find many recipes. There are many benefits of using mineralized toothpaste as regular oral hygiene routine, including teeth whitening, keeping bacteria away and cure cavities.

Note: you should avoid using fluoridated toothpaste as combined fluoride exposure from all sources-water, food, toothpaste, mouth rinse or other products actually contributes to enamel fluorosis.

  1. Reducing Sugar Intake
    Experts warn that sugar may become deadly if you consume it in extremely high amounts along with a poor oral hygiene routine. Namely, that may lead to tooth decay and many other oral health problems. Our advice is to switch out sugar for raw honey and maple syrup and drink (preferably avoid) juices cautiously in order to avoid future cavity formation.