Coconut Oil Does Wonders For Your Skin And Hair. But You Will Fall Of The Chair When You Read The Newly Discovered Effect It Can Have!

Statistics shows that today, colorectal cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed types of cancer. Namely, in the United States only, there are over 40.000 new cases of rectal cancer and about 95.000 new patients who have colon cancer. Experts estimate that even half of these cases will end up fatal. Unfortunately, surgery and chemotherapy are not 100% effective, and these methods often cause various side effects which only worsen the individual’s condition.

Recently, researches have discovered that lauric acid contained in coconut oil possesses cancer-killing abilities. Namely, American scientists have discovered that even 90 % of the cancer cells were destroyed in just two days by this component. It is important to mention that this study was under hermetic conditions and they were performed in a Petri dish.

In order to examine the cancer-killing abilities of coconut oil, many further studies are necessary, but due to lack of financials it is not possible right now. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies are not interested to help as they want to sell their products, and this new discovery may lower their profit.

Besides that coconut oil has the ability to destroy cancer cells, many other health benefits can be obtained from this oil. Namely, coconut oil can boost the immune system. It is interesting to mention that except in the coconut oil, lauric acid can be found in breast milk.

Additionally, another study tested the coconut oil as a treatment of other health conditions including chronic illnesses, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, viral diseases (herpes, hepatitis C) and gallbladder infections, and it was proved to be particularly efficient.

We can summarize that coconut oil is remarkable natural oil that is extremely effective alternative to the drugs for treatment of various health problems. Besides the fact that this oil is great alternative for the pharmaceutical products, in same time it is good alternative for the cosmetic products. For instance, with regular use, coconut oil will make your hair shiny and silky and it is well-known remedy for skin blemishes.