People in the Unites States eat too much and that is well known fact. According to the most recent studies, on avarage, every citizen in the US on daily basis eats 500 more calories that actually needs. Nutritionists explain that people actually eat even 100% more food that their body needs.

USDA had reported that since 1970, one extra meal is up to 20% more food than people actually need.

In today’s article we are going to present you one way invented by the college of Chemical Sciences about cooking rice that has the ability to cut the absorption of calories by even 60%. Namely, with the help of this specific way of cooking, the rice will become indigestible starch and that will resist the absorption of sugar and starch from entering your bloodstream.

Experts explain that people should stop consuming starches due to the fact that starch is very digestible and once it enters the bloodstream it rapidly converts to glucose and that furthermore gets stored as fat and leads to obesity, and starch itself actually gets stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen.

Resistent starch RS will help you in process of natural fat burning and healthy elimination of toxins and waste.

Coconut Oil – The Secret Ingredient

In order to increase the RS content of the rice, scientists recommend to use this very simple and yet efficient technique:

In a boiling water add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. After the oil dissolves in the water, add ½ cup of rice and stir well. Simmer until the rice is completely cooked. On average you should simmer about 40 minutes, but some rice is prepared for 20 min

Finally, store the cooked rice in the fridge and leave it to stay 12 hours before consuming.

All people who are overweight or have high blood sugar should try this remarkable solution.

Studies have proved that this technique increases the RS content by 10 times.

How it works?

Coconut oil enters the starch while the rice is cooking, and that actually makes the sugar resistant to the digestive enzymes where it can be digested.

Rice sugar is turning into by cooling the rice for 12 hours. It is important to mention that if you reheat the rice, the RS levels of the rice will not be affected.

In order to see if other oils have better or the same effects on rice further studies have been conducted. Also, it was examined whichtype of rice is the best for maximum calories reduction.

It is not advisable to overheat the rice as it might disrupt your blood sugar levels.

In order to accelerate the weight loss process it is advisable in your diet to include other products that are nutrient and fiber rich, such as: vegetables, quinoa, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, mushrooms, squash and cauliflower.