15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

The good manners or etiquette depict proper and polite behavior.

Even though some people consider that this protocol unrealistic, the principles elitists follow are quite simple, and this code involves proper speech and vocabulary, common courtesy, restraining emotions and neat and clean appearance.

In today’s article we are going to make a list and explanation of 15 of the most important etiquette rules that each person should follow.

  1. In case when you walk with another person and she/he greets someone with Hello, you also should say Hello, although you don’t know that person.
  1. When you are at some restaurant or even coffee shop, you should not keep the tablet of smartphone on the table. This guest indicates that it is much more important than the meeting, and people may thing that you are bored. If you look at your phone in order to check your Facebook account, they certainly would be offended.
  1. Besides the fact that majority people consider that sushi must be eaten with chopsticks, men can eat it with hands.
  1. It is not politely to not ask a woman out if you intend to make calls or text others during the entire night.
  1. Whenever you get help from some person, you should thank and thus show appreciation. Also you should not take their help for granted.
  1. Men may take the coat of the woman and leave it in the cloakroom, but he should never carry her bag.
  1. You should not spend time on some empty conversation on the phone. You should meet your friends in person.
  1. It is extremely rude to stare at other people. Also, you should not laugh or talk too loudly.
  1. All car drivers should be aware of the bad effects and be careful of splashing pedestrians with water.
  1. At the cinema, theater or in a concert hall you should go to your seat while facing those people who are sitting.
  1. When you apologize and the apology is accepted, make sure do not repeat the same incident again.
  1. Men who are polite show great respect to any women.
  1. There are exactly nine things that you should keep as a secret: age, religion, medical issues, gifts, family quarrels, wealth, affairs, honor and disgrace.
  1. Even though fashion is important, you definitely should never be the only one to follow the trend. You may look ridiculous, even if you are convinced that you are fashionable.
  1. You should greet all people when you enter a room, regardless of your status, age or profession.

These rules are intended to make our world a better place. Over time, acquiring these good manners may be hard or may need some time, but you should be patient and master them to perfection. Good manners are great trait of your personality.

Don’t forget, the good manners never go out of style.

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