After Reading This You Will Know To Choose The Sweetest Watermelon

In today’s article we are going to explain and show you how to choose the perfect watermelon. The summer is already here, so all you need is sweet and cold watermelon.

  1. LOOK – The watermelon should be firm, symmetrical and free of major bruises or scars. If there are certain minor scratches – it is okay. Moreover, the ripe watermelons should have dark – green color.
  1. LIFT – When the watermelons are ripe, they contain much water. Due to the fact that atermelons are consisted of 92 % water, the watermelon should be relatively heavy for its size.
  1. TURN – Turn the watermelon over and check out the bottom. The bottom should have a creamy yellow spot, which is known as “the ground spot”. This is the place where the watermelon sat on the ground while it soaked up the sun. In case if the spot is white or greenish, the watermelon probably is picked too soon and might not be ripe.


Probably some of you would ask: “What about the sound test? You know, knocking, tapping, drumming or thumping on the watermelon to test its ripeness?”

Even though it is true that the “sound test” may give you some insight on a watermelon’s ripeness, the test is subjective and there isn’t definitive agreement.

However, you can make the tap-tap-tap test, but we advise you to perform the above mentioned test, that is consisted of three steps. We guarantee that you will find the perfect watermelon.