VIDEO: I Cannot Believe I Have Never Thought To Cut A Watermelon Like This.This Is So Smart

Probably majority people just slice the watermelon and don’t spend much time thinking about that. Actually we all slice it on the way we have been taught.

In today’s article we will present you one revolutionary watermelon cutting technique. As a matter of fact, every time there is too much fruit left on the rind. Also, there is quite a mess on the table. Below we will explain how to slice your favorite fruit on the easier way. You will get a lot more fruit left for you and your friends and in same time will avoid the mess you usually make.

Below you can see the video with tips about how to slice a watermelon properly and don’t make any mess at all.

Here are the instructions:

First cut the watermelon on half

Next step is to make small hole through the rind all the way around the center. On that way you will make the fruit break in half.

After that you need to flip the fruit on its end and remove the peel. Also remove the top and clean off the white skin. If you want to, you can cut the fruit into small pieces

You should turn the cutting board 90-degrees and cut the fruit again in the opposite direction. In a larger bowl put the fruit and flip the cutting board!

Check out this interesting video below for more detailed information!