Ginger Wrap – Removes Mucus from Lungs and Cures Strong Coughs for Only One Night! Very Efficient for Children


In this article we are presenting you remedy for treatment of colds and respiratory tract diseases.

This solution contains high biological activity and the honey successfully removes the mucus present during coughing attacks. In addition, these wraps are perfect for children.



Necessary products:



Vegetable oil



Band – aid adhesive tape

Method of preparation:

You should mix the flour with a small amount of honey so that the mixture does not stick to your hands. After that, add some vegetable oil and roll it up in the flour once more. The next step is to put the mixture on a napkin and wrap the napkin in cheesecloth.

How to use:

All you should do is to attach this wrap on your chest or the back with the adhesive tape. Remember that you should not place the wrap onto the heart area but slightly above it. For children, the best time to put the compress is 2 or 3 hours before sleep. It is not recommended for children to sleep with the wraps attached while adults can sleep through the night with the compress attached. For a more enhanced effect add a little bit of mustard powder.

It is important to mention that before this treatment, you should put some kind of cover onto the sheets since you will be sweating a lot. This compress is highly effective because it is rich in anti – inflammatory properties and warming effects. The first results are noticeable in the initial stage of the disease. Although your condition may get better after the first treatment with the compress, continue the procedure for several days in order for the treatment to be more successful.

Note: Those compresses are not recommended for children under the age of 6. In addition, if the child experiences some type of skin disease or an injury, you need to avoid applying the compress on their chest or skin.

Rachel Lim is mother from Singapore, who have tried the honey wraps on her children. She shared her experience on Facebook where she claims that is potent effect. But, instead of olive oil she used virgin coconut oil and also added ginger juice to the flour mixture. In her Facebook post she claims that previously, 2 or 3 hours during the child’s sleep, he immediately started to cough loudly. However, the next night, when she applied the wraps, the child stopped coughing and slept silently and calmly during the entire night.

The same way as honey, ginger is essential part of the traditional medicine for a long period. It is extremely successful in treatment of coughs and sore throats, as well as chest congestion.