Easy And Painless Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Although there are people who have facial hair and simply don’t care about that, many people feel comfortable and try various methods for removing.

In this article we are presenting 4 simple method that you can try at your home in order to get rid of unwanted hair.

Easy And Painless Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

  1. Hair removal using baking soda

First of all it is important to highlight that you should do this method before you go to bed. Below you can read the steps.

Start with boiling 200 milliliters of water and put a tablespoon of baking soda in it. Mix well and let the combination to cool down. Next step is to take cotton or a gauze for soaking and let it dry for a while. Apply the wet cotton on the areas where you have unwanted hair and after that go to sleep. In the morning, add nourishing cream on the same areas which you have treated. After 2 to 3 tries, you will notice that your hair started to fall off.

  1. Folk remedy using plain pharmacy iodine

For this treatment you will need: 40 milliliters of 70 percent alcohol, 1.5 milliliters of ammonium, 2 milliliters of iodine, 10 milliliters of castor oil, and about 10 % hydroxide.

And here is the procedure: All you should do is to mix all of the ingredients together and wait until the result becomes colorless. After that rub this mixture on the areas with unwanted hair during the morning and the evening. After several days the hair will start to fall off.

  1. Folk remedy utilizing nettle oil

It is interesting that this method was very popular in the 17th century, especially among the beautiful ladies.

Early prepartion

In 100 milliliters of vegetable add about three tablespoons of nettle oil. Place this mixture in a warm place and leave it to stay in a period of two weeks.

After two weeks

The next step is to put the mixture in a glass jar by using a strainer. Remember that you should close the jar. Each night, get a cotton or gauze to soak in the nettle oil. Apply it to the affected areas and leave it to act for an hour.

After an hour of application

You should wash your face with soap and lukewarm water. It is recommended to repeat this procedure until the hair falls off.

  1. Facial hair removal using garlic

All you should do is to apply freshly made garlic juice to the affected areas. It is recommended to use it a couple of times each day.

Expected duration

For each treatment you should leave the garlic juice on the affected areas for half an hour. After that wash your face with warm after and don’t forget to put some moisturizing cream.