Vegetable Soup – Superb Recipe

The combination of fat burning diet and vegetable soup is very popular way of weight loss. There isn’t any restriction on the amount of food that you can eat. At the same time it allows consumption of different products in addition to the soup diet.

This will burn the fat because it consists of selected vegetables which have negative calorific value where the body will utilize more energy to process these foods than it’ll intakes.

Vegetable Soup Superb Recipe

Vegetable soup recipe

6 medium onions

2 green peppers

half cabbage



a little salt and pepper for taste

It is not recommended to consume this soup hot. You can add black pepper because that will speed up your metabolism and will activate the process of fat burning.

This diet should last 7 days and in that period you will lose at least 6 pounds. You should split the amount of soup in 5 – 6 meals a day.

In addition, you can consume white chicken, turkey or fish which should be either boiled or grilled without sugar.

Also, in the morning you should drink 400 ml of green tea which will speed up the metabolism and facilitate the weight loss. It is recommended to start and end the day for each diet, because it contain antioxidants and substances that eliminate toxins and have a strong effect on burning the calories.