Most usually we all use the silver foil in the kitchen for wrapping and baking food. But aluminum foil has many uses you haven’t heard of. Read this article with 10 interesting ways of using the aluminum foil that can save you time and money.

Fresh bread can stay warm and tasty


If you want your bread to stay fresh, warm and tasty or you are going on a picnic use aluminum foil. Enfold the bread in napkins or kitchen paper, then place the fresh bread on top of some silver foil. It will reflect heat back into the bread

Save time when ironing


You can unfold a length of aluminum foil across the ironing board and you will not have to iron the two sides of your clothes. Place the foil on the board and the clothes over it, as usual. You will see that the clothes are ironed on the both sides. Also, you will finish in half the time. The silver foil is effective because the heat from the iron helps you iron the both sides right away. Isn’t that great?

Sharpen your old scissors


Fold a strip of silver foil until you make a thick strip and start cutting into the silver foil. Take a piece around 8 – 10 inches long and fold it lengthwise as many times as you can. You should end with a thick strip. Each time you cut with the scissors, the foil will grind against the blades and sharpen them with every cut.

Keep paints fresh and use them multiple times


A tin of paint will dry out and become useless if you don’t use it often. Silver foil can help you give the tin of paint a longer lifespan. Cut out a circle of the foil as big as the tin top. Place the circle foil piece onto the surface of the paint and blow into the tin to get some oxygen into it. Then place the lid.

Moving furniture over a wooden floor


You can prevent scratching the wooden surface when you move your furniture. Just place pieces of aluminum paper under the legs of the furniture.

Keep pets away from your furniture


Wrap the table legs in aluminum foil because pets don’t like the sound of crinkling aluminum foil. Also, you can put some of the foil on any place you want to keep pets away. After a while, your pets will make a habit to stay away from your furniture and then you can remove the foil.

Improve the picture on your TV


By placing a foil sheet between the DVD player and the TV set you will decrease the electromagnetic fields from these two devices and so makes the picture on TV better. The picture can become unclear because of the static electricity that passes between the two devices.

Make your silverware sparkle


If you want your silver jewelry to look like new again, line a pan with a sheet of silver foil. Fill it with hot water and then add a teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda. The silver items need to be in contact with the foil. Let it soak for around 5 minutes and then turn the silver over.

When the two sides have been in contact with the foil, rinse the items with cold water and let them dry.

Bring back the shine of your pots and pans


If you want your pots and pans to be shiny and look like new you should soak the pan you want to clean and then crumple up a sheet of foil and just scrub like mad.

Improve your plants’ quality


By using aluminum foil you can ease watering plants. Add soil in a pot and cover the top with an  aluminum foil and then, make holes to plant the cuttings. The silver foil reduces the water loss, meaning you will not need to water very often. Also, the quality of the plant cuttings is improved and can grow stronger

Source: www.myilifestyle.com