Here Is How To Lose Weight 5 – Times Faster With This Super – Simple Water Drinking Trick!

Research published in the Obesity claims that drinking a glass of water before meals can help you lose weight.

In this 12 – week – long research participated 80 obese adults.

During the in – person weight consultation, half of the participants were advised to consume approximately a glass of water (or 2 glasses), half an hour before their main meal, and the other half of the participants just to imagine themselves with full stomach before having meals.

The Result

Participants from the both groups lost weight by the end of the research. It is interesting that participants who consumed water have lost 3 more pounds than the participants who imagined a full stomach. Amongst the first group, the ones who drank water before every meal lost about 10 pounds compared to the 2 pounds lost by the ones who didn’t consume.


Dr. Helen Paretti, from the University of Birmingham, was the lead author and she claimes that: “If we compare this with the brief instruction on how to increase the physical activity amount on healthy diet, this seems to aid people to lose extra weight, at healthy and moderate rate. It is something that does not take that much work to fit in our busy lives.”

For those who wonder how this author managed to ensure that these participants actually went on their water ritual, they said that they used “some measures of adherence…plus 24 hour total urine collection.”

Other Promising Research

Even though the research is preliminary, there are many other studies that back up the primary premise of the pre – loading.

Research, published in International Journal of Food Sciences &Nutrition, claimed that the people who consumed starters before the meals with nutritionally valuable low-calorie food, like salad and yogurt (and water, too) have a greater decrease of their weight and some other risk factors of a cardiovascular disease in a period of 3 months, when compared to the control group.