How To Remove Plaque Without Going To The Dentist

A lot of people have trouble with plaque on the teeth. Usually, all of us visit the dentist when we have this problem. In this article read about 3 recipes about removing plaque at home without visiting your dentist, it’s cheap and easy, so you got nothing to lose if you try some of them right?

Recipe 1:


30 grams nut shells



How to prepare it:

Put the ingredients in a pot and place it on a stove and heat it on a low temperature. Cook for about 15 minutes. Use this mixture to brush your teeth every day in the morning, afternoon and evening for at least 5 minutes.

Recipe 2:

One of the best ways for removing tartar from your teeth is the apple cider vinegar. Use it once a week and you’ll see the results. Put some apple cider vinegar by dipping your toothbrush in the vinegar and brush your teeth. Then wash your mouth with water. Washing your teeth with apple vinegar without rinsing with water can damage your teeth enamel.

Recipe 3:


4 tablespoons lime blossom

3 tablespoons sunflower seeds

1 liter water

How to prepare it:

Put all ingredients in a pot and place it on a stove and cook about 30 minutes it on a low temperature. Use this mixture to wash your teeth after every meal.